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milkshakes's Journal

22 July
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+++The Regular Stuff+++

++Name: Katie

++Age: 14

++DOB: July 22, 1987


++Distinguishing Marks: I have a birthmark that looks like a train, heh

++Height: 5'6

++Hair Colour: blondish/redish/light brownish

++Eye Colour: blue

++Facial Hair: nope


++Hobbies: dance and my pop band, we're a sensation

++Sports: dance

++Music: Cherry and Marmalade, "KT's Hott Punk Mix- A+", Faith Hill, Tarzan Theme Song, and old 80s music


++Movie: Harry Potter

++Animal: RAPTORS! NO NO NO!!!!!

++Body Type: I'm perfect :)

++Furby Colour: white with blue eyes, just like mine

++Type of gun: a 33 caliber with 9 and 1/2 rotation....

++Eric or Dylan: they're both too sexy to decide

++Condom Brand, if any: the edible kind from 7-Eleven, heh

++Ice cream: Pshish Food

++Car: those BMW convertables and Outies

++Type of Jell-O in the pants: any kind without chunks

++Disney Channel Movie: ummm...Zenon, no wait...Smart House, or mebbe...I dunno, too many to decide!

++Popsicle: don't like popsicles

++Convenience Store: the 7-Eleven that I buy my souveniers at!

++Flower: ones that smell good

++Band: Cherry and Marmalade

++Skirts or capris: skirts

++Font: Tahoma

++Cucumbers or bananas: mmm...


++Are you taken: No One Loves KT

++Name: n/a

++How long have you been together: n/a

++How far have you gone: n/a

++How commited are you: n/a


++Got one?: umm..not really

++Name: n/a

++Do they... know?: n/a

++How long have you liked them?: n/a

++Would you bang em?: Hey...if you were a door, I'd wanna bang you all day...

++Would you peep in their window at night?: if they looked cute when they sleep, prolly

+++Summing Up+++

++Would you have sex with a dirty bum for ten bucks?: no

++Would you have sex with Jesus, Our Only Lord and Saviour: no

++Was Jesus black?: dunno

++Were you ever molested, if so by who?: nope

++Would you date Rory Greenway? If yes, call 4078763885! He's single and looking! No offer refused!: I WOULDN'T DATE RORY IF HE WERE THE LAST THING ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THERE SHEEP?